We are almost blushing with the amount of love we have received from each one of our special people, who counted us in for their special day.
We feel elated and pampered..


Words are less to discribe how happy we both are !!! We can look back again n again at these pictures n video even when we grow old n cherish these moments .... You guys have made our special day more memorable n worth watching it back again n again... Thank you guys !!!
Best team we could get from photography to Video ...
Super humble n great team for any bride n groom for their dream wedding memories :)
Lots of love n luck for future
Karan & Ishita
— Ishita + Karan (Ajmer)
Everything is awesome, No words to say, its fabulous!
— Ankil Chalana
I have seen their work and there is a sense of feeling. Each and every photograph or a video you see of them it seriously evoke certain kind of emotion in you and that’s awesome.
— Harit Bhardwaj
These guys produced an epic same day edit for your wedding reception! Blew everyone away! Totally impressed with what we have seen so far! Excited to see the final cut! Great team, professional, polite and discreet! Best new talent in india!
— Mandy Rani Ghuman (Rani + Amit)
The thing that I think is the most important is taking moments to express your appreciation to your wedding video maker and photographer. A thank you can go a long way toward affirming your relationship. That’s not hard to do even when you’re juggling insane careers. Thanksgiving is a time when the world gets to see just how blessed and how workable the wedding filmers and photographers are. The emphasis is not on giving or buying, but on being thankful and expressing that appreciation to cinewire and harvarinder team for making my wedding day the most memorable day. I saw the people not listening them so well while getting their photos. I shout to those people please worship these people who workhard & do their job so well and make u guys happy. Now i feel that I made a best decision to appoint cinewire to do my wedding film..... so please watch the videos and i believe there is nothing to say about it..... video speaks itself....... I don’t remember the names of everyone but thanks to u all....for coming to my wedding. Now I can’t wait to have dinner and drinks with u guys soon in ur SECOND HOME place hehehehhhe..... just jokes apart bhaji ..... wants to go somewhere else...... Thanks Heaps #JagmeetNagi#HarvarinderSingh.......god bless u guys... Sorry if I said something too much..... Lots of love Sukhtej xoxoxo
— Sukh Singh Seerha (Sukhdeep + Tejinder)
If art exists in every moment of our lives and things we do , these guys know how to reveal it through their videos . The emotions , details and loads of cinema makes you you feel no less than any movie star !
This is not just any page , its an inspiration , Depth and story of love of people in their work.
I hope their were more stars i could give
— Bhupinder Singh Basra
Cinewire’s work is definitely impressive!!! They produced a stunning next day edit that was played at our reception. I’m still blown away every time I watch it. Definitely a very talented bunch. They are a great team with a high level of professionalism. Needless to say I’m grateful that Cinewire was apart of my special day.
— Sarb Uppal
There are some things are beautiful and then there are others that just take your breath away. You have probably heard this a thousand times, you probably know it in your hearts of hearts but i am going to say it anyway...what you do..what you make..its outright BEAUTIFUL. The way you manage to capture emotions people don’t even know they are feeling and capable of expressing, the way you make LOVE so visible, so believable and so in the air and around, it takes more than just talent to do that. Your videos capture all the things we would probably never notice, make people say things which they might not normally say in that moment, ask people questions they want to answer but have not been asked. That what makes you special . Chintan Malhotra Jagmeet Singh Nagi hats off...don’t have words...spellbound is the closest i can get.
P.S: In case you are wondering what the hell happened, well it was friday night and i stumbled across one of your videos and then i had to watch all of them
— Manika Prashar
It totally shows in their work that how much these guys love what they do!
All their captures are so so beautiful Raw and jazzy✨
....way to go....CINEWIRE
— Navni Chawla
I just love your work guys....Great Shots,Beautiful editing,Songs Selection and all the stuff.....
You guys are doing a great job...
— Manish Chawla
What you capture n edit ,is i think the best one could keep for his or her memories... Great work
— Shivam Kakkar
What you capture n edit is, I think the best one could keep for his or her memories... Great work
— Rahul Madan
#A #W #E #S #O #M #E i got no words to say #harnavbir phji u r doing grt job .good wishes
— Harshdeep Singh
Everything is awesome no words to say its fabulous
— Ankit Chalana
I am really impressed by the artwork these humans are creating.
Presentation : shooting : Team work : love
— Amrit Pal Singh (Amrit + Baldeep)
Extremely talented and professional team. Kudos to you all!
— Jaskeerat Kaur Chandi
I don’t write reviews but Cinewire deserves it as they did a spectacular job at the cinematic video. I am writing this review fresh off watching my wedding cinematic video for the 4th time in 1 week. Every time I watch it, I’m amazed at how perfectly Nagi & team captured all the festivities. The quality and editing are incredible - it seems like a film, where detailed attention is given to capture all the moments that matters the most. They took a little bit of time in delivering the product but as you know “A Toyota car is built in 13 hours and a Rolls Royce is built in 6 months.” If you want Rolls Royce like quality you need to trust these guys and sit tight, Take my word for it; you would not be disappointed. Nagi is a joy to work with and I don’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is planning their wedding.
— Kamal Saini
Cinewire’s remarkable and outstanding work brought me here to share how happy we were with their work. We called them a day in advance for a hush-hush affair and they complied. For some reason, we thought their photographers were not present at the obvious locations where all the action was happening, only to be proven wrong after seeing the end results. And rightly so as they had focused on and captured the most beautiful moments from the entire function. You won’t be asked to pose or re-do something so that they can capture it like the conventional photographers.
These guys also have a superb eye and great timing for their clicks, with the end result making the actual ceremony look even more beautiful and spectacular than it really was. The results are magical, with every click delighting you in a different way from the previous one.
What’s even great, these guys had posted the end result in just 3 days! In the end, assigning them the job was one of the best decisions we took for our ceremony. Highly recommended.
— Supreet Kaur (Archie + Navneet)
My all time recommendation for wedding cinematography, to all my dear ones and my clients.
— Nik Pillai Photography
Very neat work. Its amazing how they put so much life into wedding videos.
— Vinnie Singh
I just love your work guys. Great Shots,Beautiful editing,Songs Selection and all the stuff.
You guys are doing a great job!
— Manish Chawla
It totally shows in their work that how much these guys love what they do!
All their captures are so so beautiful Raw and jazzy
....way to go....CINEWIRE!
— Navini Chawla
First of all thanks a ton to cinewire and team for Creating such a fabulous trailer of my brother’s wedding
Secondly you guys made this wedding memorable forever in just 6 minutes video..
These guys are awesome.
The team work and dedication to bring the product the best out of there hard work is the only thing which makes their films memorable and adorable to watch everytime.
All the best cinewire!
— Jatin Singh (Gursimran + Satnam)
Cinewire! Nagi and the boys! These guys are absolutely fantastic! Their entire process, the workflow, the way they capture the tiniest intricacies of sweet moments is just too beautiful.
Cinewire did the pre wedding video for Me & Mehak. I have been wanting them to be onboard since the very beginning and yes they came up with something which exceeded all our expectations. Too bad we couldn’t have them shoot our main wedding, something which we will always miss. The pre wedding video they did for us is just so dreamy and surreal, just the way we wanted !
Jagmeet Nagi and his team have this knack of making you utterly comfortable in front of the camera, you won’t even realize when they are actually shooting and that makes it so candid and natural.
I would love these guys to shoot more videos of us and the family in the coming years. Absolute great work!
Wish you the best Cinewire! You will surely go a long long way!
God Bless
— Risham Singh (Risham + Mehak)