We value moments more than events, because we know that it is these moments which make stories and tales worth telling.

So here is how we go an extra mile to capture every bit of your perfect day..




When it’s all love and butterflies

A few days before your wedding, do you smell love in the air and hear violins and pianos? Well we want to capture your “smiling into nothingness state”.

So we have a pre-wedding photo-shoot and a pre-wedding film just so we can begin at the beginning.


Wedding photography.jpg




Putting your moments into frames

We like to keep our promises and so no getting in your way and no awkward poses. We will silently capture every single beautiful moment just the way you feel it.

So when you see your photographs years later, you will still feel like it happened yesterday. 



A feely glance into what we captured

We are sure you will have a lot of fun at your wedding and we make sure we do our bit to add to the fun. So to heighten your excitement and to give you a sneak peek into what we have been putting together for you, we will make a small trailer of your actual full length wedding film.

P.S: Gear up for some envy after your friends and colleagues see this ;)

Click here to watch some




See what the elves have been up to! Surpriseeee!

Pssst! Don’t tell anyone but we have a surprise for you! We are going to make a small edit in full throttle and play it at your reception.

How we love to see people gaping in surprise at that moment!




Aaaaaaand we present..!

Remember how you wanted the genie in the lamp to make you a movie star when you were a kid? Well, he just granted your wish. Your very own full feature film, with the perfect cast, the perfect set and the perfect story!




For all your loved ones who are a little short on time

Just so that no one misses out on the fun, we make a highlights film which we like to keep short and sweet.

It is jazzed up with the best and the most important parts of your wedding, speeded up a little here and trimmed a little there.




Tradition galore

A wedding album is not just photographs stacked in a fancy way, in fact it is tradition soaked with love and sentiments. As our finishing touch we provide you your personalized, immaculately crafted wedding album.

Its just saying “Have a beautiful life ahead”




Did you think that was all? NOPE!

We have some fan-freakin- tastic ideas for a fun photo booth at your wedding! And conventional props? Naaaaaah! Wait and see how we dazzle you with our thoughtfully picked out bunch of things which are going to make go “Awww” and “WOW” at every photograph you see!





And THIS is just to add some awesome sauce to your wedding!

A video booth to show some more love! Our techie elves will use some techniques such as time lapse, slow motion and other jibber-jabber stuff to create small tit-bits of craziness for you to enjoy!