Team Options 

Basically we have 2 teams structures. Team A consists of the Directors/Founders themselves and Team B consists of one Director and the talented cinematographers (trained and curated by Cinewire over the years) at the event.

Please select from any of the two teams to proceed further into package details. 


Team A

This team is lead by the Cinewire Founders/Directors Jagmeet and Chintan, and Vikram, the Editing Head. The benefit of this combination is that the whole team of shooting, editing and post production is at one place which provides an immense benefit for the final product. Morover, this team has an experince of 100+ weddings from all around. 

team b

This team is lead by either of the 1 director/founder along with the fully trained and curated cinematographers from Cinewire. One directorial lead is there to facilitate the event to deliver a full Cinewire experience. The technical equipment and workflow to make a film is same for both teams.