We at CINEWIRE believe

Your wedding photos do not have
to be conventional , boring and safe, instead we make sure that we put all the
moments into frames, untouched and beautiful, just the way they happened.

We don't just click or film the happenings, instead we capture moments from your
day- the laughter , the jokes, the teasing, the silent tears, the fleeting
glances , the subdued smiles;

We capture you.

The thing about YOUR wedding is, this is your day and your story.



We love Candids!

That's because we know that candids will capture you in moments where you don't feel obliged to look perfect , and yet you do.

We do not get in your way and neither do we obstruct, upset or embarrass you in any way, instead we get along.

We like to just blend into the whole atmosphere, quietly capturing all the wonderfulness around.




Perfect shots seldom make a perfect story.

We want to dig a little deeper into who you are and listen to the tale that you have to tell us. We make sure all your special people are asked all the right questions and that they spill out all the love they have for you.

And finally when we tell your story, it will be exactly as you narrated it, just with a sprinkle of our magic dust.



No cranes, no jumpy videos.



Your photos will not have an ugly crane cutting through them and neither will your videos be playing jumping jacks.

We are part techies and 4K, Blu Ray, True HD, Drone/Aerial Coverage, Glidecams are a part of our team and all of us are in this together.