1. What kind of equipment do you use?

The geeks and techies that we partly are, we use the very best equipment available.
Canon L series lenses,Sony Alphas, Movi, glidecams, sliders, drones, slow motion cameras, and underwater cameras are all part of our team.

2. What is a same day edit?

We are all about innovating and we put much thought into how we can make your day even more special. So we work at warp speed to make a small trailer of your wedding film on the very same day which we then showcase at your reception! Surprise surprise!

3. Will you cover both the bride and the groom or just one of them?

The bride and the groom are the most important people of the day and we thoroughly believe that. So to fabricate the story of the couple, we prefer being hired from both sides. Its very easy for just one team to handle everything and moreover its economical for both the parties.  

4. Can we hire our own photographer apart from your team?

We are a bunch of crazy passionate people who have learnt to excel in what we do. Right from coordinating with each other to managing time we are hand in glove with each other. Be rest assured that when we are around you will not feel the need to worry about anything related to photography or filming. But if you still insist on having someone else too, please do!

5. How big is your team? Will the entire team be at my wedding?

Glad you want to know us! Here we are.
Typically a team of 6-8 people including cinematographers, directors and photographers will travel to your wedding venue. The number may also vary according to the scale of the event.

6. Can I meet you in person before I book your services?

Of course! We are always up for a cup of coffee! Our clients find it convenient to converse and book us over phone and email, but if you would like to meet us we would be glad to do so!

7. What is the quality of the films and photographs delivered to me and how will you package them?

We really really mean it when we say we are committed to giving you the best of everything. Your film will be in full HD format (1080p) and all your photographs will be high resolution images. And just to ensure that we finish it off on a perfect note we deliver your package in a USB drive/HDD packed with lots of love and good wishes from our side.

8. How long will my video be?

We try to create videos that aren’t unbearably long and yet capture all the awesomeness of your wedding.
Typically, for a 3 day event, the movie trailer is around 4-6 minutes long, the highlights film lasts for about 15-20 minutes and the full feature film will be a 50-60 minutes watch.

9. How much do you charge for all of this?

We are committed to giving our very best to you and that is why we have the best of the best people on the panel. Our cinematography packages start from 85,000 INR for one day and photography + cinematography packages are available 1,50,000 INR onwards.
Please fill in your detailed requirements here, and we will send you a quotation ASAP!

10. Will you also give me the original unedited footage and photographs?

These are not included in our package but we would be glad to share it with you at an additional cost that we invest in storage and handling of the same. We provide raw data for the Video in 1 TB (1000 GB)  HDD. 

11. How long do I have to wait before I get my film and photos?

We know its rather hard to contain the excitement for too long but trust us it will be totally worth it!
Conceptualizing the videos, editing and organising images for all our cameras may take some time but we do try to stick to the following deadlines

Photographs (Soft copies): 20-30 Days
Albums: 15 Days (After the selection process)
Trailer: 15-20 Days
Highlights Film: 45-60 Days
and Full Feature Film: 60-90 Days

12. Do you need any inputs from my side after the wedding?

We require you to do the selection process within a week from the delivery and in case of film, mail us the changes within a week. Failing to receive the changes from the client, we’ll render the film and post the package to your address.

13. What if Cinewire delays my wedding package?

We understand how much you are waiting for your wedding package to be ready, and so we mostly stick to our timelines of 60-90 days. Any changes that you may want to incorporate may push the timelines a little but otherwise we are mostly right on time!

14. Who will pick the music and film titles for my wedding film?

We have some superb people on our team. The director and editor collectively decide on this and in case you have something special on your mind with regard to music, please let us know that in the information form itself.

15. Do I get to see my film before it is finally delivered?

Yes you do! It’s your day after all!
Pssst.. we will give the couple a private link before we release it on our social platform ;)

16. When and where do you record the audio clips?

We promised we wouldn’t get in the way and we intend to keep our promise. We plan a time slot during the event itself unless its absolutely necessary to record them before or after the event.

17. I got my film, but I wish to make some changes in that. Is it possible?

Oh yes of course! We provide one round of changes. Please do bear a few things in mind while suggesting changes

- We may not be able to change the sound track. If you have a preferred genre/song please let us know

in the information form itself

- Only shots of the relatives/friends can be included/excluded 

- We would be glad to add anything important that we may have missed

18. Will our trailer or highlight film be released on social media as well?

We will run it by you before we share your love with the world. Are you ready for the stardom?

19. You are based in Delhi and punjab, but what if my wedding is not in Delhi/punjab?

We love travelling! And we would love to travel to your wedding destination anywhere in the world!

20. Is there anything else I need to pay for apart from the above mentioned cost?

Our travel, food and accommodation would have to be borne by you and nope! Nothing else!